McGonigle Pearson Hall Update

As part of  Temple University's expansion plans, a renovation of McGonigle Pearson Hall was needed to house Division 1 Basketball practice facilities, intramural and recreational sports facilities, exercise/yoga rooms, contemporary weight/workout rooms, classrooms, retail and street level, offices and other programatic areas.  The activities now located in the Student Pavilion will be relocated to the new complex.  The renovation and additional 140,000 SF to the existing 225,000 SF will cost the university over $48 million.  As of now, foundation construction has been completed and steel is being erected.


Temple Nest Apartments

To celebrate the growing rate of residential development in and around Philadelphia, we at Rentcampus have decided to track down recently completed projects and those under construction around Temple University.  We believe that awareness and exposure are key to fostering excitement and enthusiasm in a growing development market. Last week we featured Beech International Apartments, this week and every following week we will feature 2-3 new projects.

Next up is Temple Nest Apartments located at 1509-1511 N 15th Street.  The project features new construction 2&3 Bedroom Luxury Apartments, with a building area of over 9,000 sqft.  The original lot size at purchase was 1400 sqft each.  The owners, Temple Nest III LP have several properties in the Temple neighborhood and are dedicated to provided quality housing in North Philadelphia. Check it out at templenestapts.com


T FOR TEMPLE U!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the Temple University Basketball team on a thrilling victory over Penn State. Juan Fernandez lead the owls to a 66-64 victory, scoring the game winning shot with 2 seconds left on the clock. Now ranked 7th in their bracket, the owls will advance to play number 2 seed San Diego State on Saturday in Tucson, Arizona. Good luck to the owls. Lets show Cali how Philly does it!!!


Beech International Continues To Flex Its Muscle At Temple University

Beech International Apartments, located on the corner of 16th Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue has been making significant progress as it nears its completion date set for Fall 2011. Agoose Lovera Architects designed the building to house Temple's growing international student population, helping to fill in the blight along Cecil B. Moore Avenue. It will feature 100 residential units with retail on the ground floor. The developers are Beech Interplex Companies which was founded by the William Penn Foundation and works in public and private partnership to redevelop North Philadelphia. Beech Interplex previously developed Oxford Village, a successful student housing complex along North 15th Street.


Do you know this delinquent?

We here at RentCampus strive to provide students with the best service possible; assisting in finding that "perfect" place to live for the coming school year. With that said, we take it to heart when a "student" commits a crime against us. In the wee hours of the morning on Friday, March 4, 2011, someone threw a brick at the facade of the RentCampus building, ultimately shattering the middle glass panel. After long hours of repair and money spent, we think it's only fair that this culprit gets his 15 minutes of fame and a personal sit down here at the office. Here's where you wonderful guys come in. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO IDENTIFY THE CULPRIT. Since we believe that good deeds shouldn't go unnoticed, we are offering a HEFTY REWARD for the successful identification of "our biggest fan." Below is some video surveillance footage taken from our cameras and from our good friends over at The Edge. If you are friends with this misguided character or simply heard him bragging about his defiling of private property, LET US KNOW!

This guy sure is persistent, missed on the first try so try, try again

Here he is walking by and scouting the place out

Frontal video of the actual crime taking place

Pay attention to the middle glass panel, :32 second mark

Again, if you provide us with information that leads to the SUCCESSFUL IDENTIFICATION of the culprit, RENTCAMPUS WILL PAY YOU!!!!!


Hipster Villains

I stumbled upon a funny article on urlesque.com highlighting hipster versions of some of our favorite disney villains.  There is also a link to a site where you can create your own Hipster Villain.  It makes me wonder why people are so obsessed with hipsters.  Just another group to poke fun at I guess.