Housing Stirs Development!

Temple students reside in neighborhoods all throughout Philadelphia. Some are off campus by choice and others were simply chased out after sophomore year.  Fortunately, students who desire the off campus experience but don't want to venture too far have plenty of options.  A spot at the Edge or Oxford Village can run you about $600 not including additional living expenses and you may have to share a room.  This is manageable for some but for many this is still too steep.  For these young frugal students there are plenty of other options that come with a small price, "walking an extra few blocks to class".  There are possible rents $100-$200 cheaper!  This is definitely worth the trip.

Just blocks away on North 15th St and the 1400 block of Master St, rents for rooms range anywhere from $450-$600 furnished and unfurnished.  If students are willing to go a little further, rooms in Northern Liberties can go as low as $400 a month.  With University goals and plans for expansion, North Philadelphia is sure to benefit from continuous development and gentrification.  temple has 12,000 students residing on campus and wants to add over the next several years enough beds to accommodate between 16,000 and 20,000 undergraduate students.  This is awesome for the neighborhood, developers and landlords.  Every year thousands of students will be looking for new off campus housing, and the demand for quality housing is going to continue to grow.  Read more on Temple Expansion at the PhillyShark Blog.

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  1. I really think that temple campus will get bigger and better in the next 5 years. we need more investors to come over and build new housing projects for students, the area will also need a commercial face lift if we ever want it to be university city...or as close to it as possible.