'Tis the season! Finals mark the end of the Semester, but beginning of the Fall '11 housing season

Once upon a time, Temple University was a commuter school. But construction sites and closed-off roads is the new scenery for the north philadelphia neighborhood surrounding the campus, proving that things really have changed. Not only is the University expanding, with the construction of a new gym and a new library underway in Fall 2011, but the off campus scene is growing with it as well.

Many older students remember well that off campus living meant a strong blend of student and local neighborhood population in the same area. The quality of housing had low standards for what can be considered livable. And communication with landlords was a nightmare.

But now the establishment of Rentcampus the past year has shown that the housing situation has changed quite drastically. Students are finally being delivered the quality housing other universities with campuses rather than commuter styles have been receiving for years.

An example of changing standards is the recent sale of the properties on 16th street, in between Berks and Montgomery streets. With mismanaged heating systems and decaying floors, the units have been falling apart for years. And with rentals rates as low as $350 per month, the price reflected the quality. So students who have been living in that strip of properties for years will see first hand all the changes taking place on a larger full-campus scale. The 8-bedroom units will be completely renovated, but at a cost to the tune of $625 a month per room.

And 16th street is just the start of houses on the west part of campus that is becoming less a taboo of living and much more the normal standard for those attending the university. Some people prefer living on Bouvier and 18th to living on the other broad.

What is your preference of places to live off campus? Respond back with where you like to live on Temple's campus!

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