Temple Campus Safety

Carl Bittenbender, Executive Director of Campus Safety Services sent out a Memorandum yesterday a series of additional safety measures that will be implemented on Temples Main Campus this semester.  Bittenbender stresses that the university takes the safety of its university community very seriously and in response to recent criminal activity over the past few months there are safety measure that will begin immediately.  While there is no one simple solution to the safety challenges Temple facesm the University believes these steps will be valuable to its campus, students and the community around Main Campus.

Step 1. Bolstering City of Philadelphia Police patrols in areas immediately adjacent to campus. These additional patrols will coordinate with Temple University Police and will be assigned mainly in areas north and west of campus in response to current crime patterns. The university is underwriting the costs of these additional officers.

Step 2. Increasing the presence of security officers on campus. Additional security officers will be added to increase visibility and deter criminal activity. They will have direct contact with the Temple University Police communications center and will initially patrol on foot. In the weeks to come, these security officers will be equipped with bikes. They will then be in special bike uniforms, distinctly marked and easily recognized as part of the security force at Temple.

Step 3. Hiring additional sworn campus police officers. Temple already has a large, well-trained police department and adding new officers will enhance our policing abilities on and around campus.

Step 4. Upgrading the network of security cameras on campus. This enhancement, already in progress, will greatly add to our investigative capabilities.

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