Adios Four Loko! Hello Canna Cola

If you've never imagined marijuana in a bottle, don't think too hard, it's nothing new.  What is new however is a new edition in the next generation of high energy inducing beverages, Canna Cola.  Canna Cola is a marijuana-infused soda brand designed to be sold at medical marijuana dispensaries in the U.S.  The brainchild of California-based commercial artist Clay Butler, the Canna Cola brand features a number of different flavors, including the eponymous cola, a Dr Pepper knock-off call Doc Weed, grape-flavored Grape Ape, orange-tinged Orange Kush, and the Sprite-y Sour Diesel.  The drinks, set to be priced in the range of $10 to $15, don't contain much marijuana either. Each bottle contains between 35 and 65 milligrams of THC (the active ingredient in cannabis), or roughly three times less THC than other marijuana-infused beverages, but they are meant to be tastier than the competition's offerings, containing only a hint of pot flavoring.

Canna Cola is like a light beer to other vendor's hard liquors.  This means customers can actually drink entire bottles without having panic attacks.  It also means that medical patients who don't like the taste of marijuana might be more willing to take a swig.

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