Condoms for Dummies

Startup company Sensis Condoms claims that its products are simple enough to be put on blindfolded, and according to founder Beau Thompson, the inspiration for the new Sensis QuickStrip condom comes from non other than a "Hefty Garbage Bag"?  Yes..... a garbage bag.

Thompson didn't always want to be a condom entrepreneur.  But after a "difficult night" where he couldn't get a condom on correctly, the brainchild decided he could do better.  The a-ha moment came, Thomas says, as he was taking out the trash.  "I opened the Hefty Clinch Sak, grabbed the handles, and pulled them.  In a day, I had figured out the best way to roll into a condom."  the Cinch Sak inspired Sensis's QuickStrips, essentially, pull tabs for condoms.

Thompson's pull-tab revelation came in the late 1990's, and since then, he has been working to grow the Sensis brand. Sensis condoms have been on store shelves for a year now.  Feedback has been encouraging, Thompson says, and the company hopes to launch a new line of condoms in the near future.  The company now sells thin lubricated and micro-dot ribbed varieties.

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